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The Animation Movie - A Jewish Girl in Shanghai


        On German Harbor, Rina, a Jewish girl and her brother Michalli were following their parents from Europe to Shanghai, China--the worlds only place to accept them, in the 1930s.

       However, the German Nazis were plotting to wrest the precious property from the Jews-- the Black Eagle Plan. Sophia, Rinas mother, as the heir to the large family fund of the Warrenskis, was arrested by German soldiers on the harbor. Rina and her brother narrowly escaped the arrest and went to Shanghai across the vast ocean, carrying an emerald necklace with the password to the fund.

       Zhou Ah Gen, a Shanghai boy, along with his family, helped Rina and Michalli out through such hard years. However, the Nazis did not let them off. Rudolph, Major of the Nazis, got among the Jews in Shanghai by means of cosmetic surgery, trying every effort to wrest the emerald necklace.

       In order to protect the property and more people from the hands of the Nazis, Rina and Ah Gen launched a battle of wits with Rudolph. In the end, the property was protected, but Ah Gen’s life was uncertain in the battle.

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