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Premiere of A Jewish Girl in Shanghai Part 2- The Mystery of The Necklace in Beijing
中国广播电影电视节目交易中心总裁 马润生博士
China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center
President Dr. Ma Runsheng
北京电影学院院长 张会军先生
Beijing Film Academy
Mr. Zhang Huijun
Screenwriter Dr. Wu Lin
以色列驻中国大使馆公使衔参赞赠予上海美术电影制片厂钱建平厂长以色列特色礼品 寓意吉祥平安
Minister Counsellor Mr.Gabriel Shemouny in Embassy of Israel sent a Israeli gift to Mr. Qian Jianping who is the president of Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Ms. Anais Martan, Mr. Liu Ye (Chinese Famous Actor)’s wife, who attended the premiere
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